Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike, Connecticut to Vermont

Written by Afterburner. Added on July 15, 2006.

Been a long time between email access. Had a great visit with my family over the 4th holidays. Got back on the trail July 6th. I met up with Old Goat the first morning, last hiked with him in Damascus, VA. Had lunch on Prospect Mt. and hiked on to Limestone Shelter. After dinner, Orangeman came in, last seen him in Penn.

Following day, hiked into Salsbury for late 2nd breakfast. Met Da Bear in town, last seen him in VA. Hiked over Lion’s Head, Bear Mt. & along Sage’s Ravine. Found a deep hole in the stream to go for a quick swim, the water was very cold, but fely great. Then hiked Mt. Everett, a one mile uphill over a rock face & many rocks, tough climb. Stayed at Hemlock Shelter.

Hiked 16.4 tough miles today. Over Jug End Mt., then over many rocky uphills, thru 4 miles of a mosquito infested swamp, along a high rocky cliff & over East Mt. Stayed ar East Mt. Retreat Center, great place. Did my laundry & had a nice long hot shower. Met Baltimoron & The Bunny there, They started on April 8th.

Morning was a tough climb over Mt. Wilcox, went into Tyringhan, NY to pick up my mail drop. Climbed Beckett Mt. & stelth camped at Fenerty Pond.

07/10- Morning was easy hiking, then climbed Warner Mt. and hiked into Dalton, MA. Met Orangeman & Danahli in town. Last saw Danahli in Duncannon, Pa. when she was hiking with her son. He hiked with her all thru PA and then went back home. Shared a room at the Shamrock Inn with Orangeman, ordered hot wings and pizza, stayed up late watching the World Cup Finals.

07/11- Got a late start today due to an early morning thunder storm. Got caught in another one just as I started to climb Mt. Greylock. Our first 3500 ft. climb since the Shenandoah’s. Tough, long 6.5 mi. uphill. Stayed at Bascom Lodge at the summit, great place and the food was fantastic, all home made and plenty of it. After dinner, climbed the 100 steps to the top of the monument, great views, can see into NY and NH.

07/12- Rainy windy day, decided to zero today. Can’t think of a better place. A lot of day hikers came in today Danalhi decided the same, as she is getting off the trail for 3 weeks to go home to Florida and do some work for school. Then she will come back to hopefully finish the trail, if not, she will finish next year.

07/13- Another rainy day. Walked thru ankle deep water & mud on the trail. Boots kept getting stuck in the mud.Took a couple of spills due to slippery rocks. Met my first SOBO, south bound thru hiker, today. He started on Katahdin June 3rd. Met Headinout & Taginalong at the lodge as I was leaving today, last saw then in Boiling Springs, PA.

07/14- Trail still wet & muddy from all the rain, hard to hike. As I was hiking along a beaver pond, there were planks on blocks, to keep you out of the water, or were supposed to. Some of them were submerged and were very slippery. I slipped on one and fwll into the water, everything was soaking wet and muddy. When I got to Rt. #9, I got a ride into Bennington VT. and stayed at the Autumn Inn. Did my laundry and took a much needed hot shower.

07/15- Overslept today, must need more rest than I thought. Decided to “zero” here and finish drying out my things and go to the library for internet access. Glad I overslept, as it has been a long time since I had access.

Well, have now completed 11 states and hiked 1598.1 miles, have just shy of 600 more to go.

Until next time, see ya down the trail,