Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike, Vermont

Written by Afterburner. Added on July 18, 2006.

07/16 More hiking on muddy wet trails. Hiked over Glastenbury Mountain. First 4000 foot climb since the Smokies. Met Steeks at the top, a young thru hiker from Ellington, Connecticut. Stopped at the fire tower to take pictures. Hiked to Kid Gore Shelter where I met a family from New York hiking the Long Trail south. Walkabout @ Fortune Cookie hiked the AT in 2003. Also hiked the Colorado Trail. Hiking the LT with thier grand-daughter. Hiked 15.4 miles today.

07/17 Trail still muddy, with the high temp & humidity, makes it hard to hike. Found trail magic at road crossing just before climb up Stratton Mountain. Magic Rat, an ‘03 thru hiker from the area, left a cooler full of ice cold soda & beer. Climb up Stratton was tough, rocky & muddy with the temperature in the 90’s. Had lunch on top, where I met up with Delicious, last hiked with him in Pennsylvania. Stopped at Stratton Pond to go for a swim. Lots of hikers there. Hiked to Douglas Shelter, an old shelter that was rebuilt last year. 3 young thru hikers from South Carolina came in about 8:00 PM. Hiked 20 miles today.

07/18 Hiked 6 miles to Bromley Lodge. Great to have a hot shower & shave. Did my laundry and just relaxed for a while. Will hit it hard tomorrow. Am in Manchester, Vermont.

Until next time, see ya down the trail,