Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike, Vermont to New Hampshire

Written by Afterburner. Added on July 28, 2006.

Been a while since internet access. Have hiked over some very steep and rocky mountains. The trails are still muddy, and with all this humidity, makes for very hard hiking. Have to carry lots of water, as I sweat it out as fast as I put in back in.

Have been stumbling quite a lot lately, have sore knees and ankles from all the slippery rocks and mud. Have arrived in Glencliff, New Hampshire. A small town with only a post office and a hiker’s hostel. They provide shuttles to the next town for resupply and food.

Had a great stay at Long Trail Inn, lots of hikers there. They had an Irish singer there over the weekend who called up people from the audience to sing with him. It was very entertaining.

Well, will update as often as possible, see ya down the trail,