Gorillas in our Midst

Written by Sean. Added on January 24, 2006.

I’ve been a Scouter with our local troop (Troop 22) for about 7 years. Every year we go to Camp Yawgoog in Rhode Island for summer camp, even though we are based in Albany, NY.

A couple years ago we had a few new scouts, fresh from Webelos, with us. One of them was still skittish about camping out and afraid of things like the Daddy Longlegs. Every night his father would go in and sweep them out of the tent before he would go to bed. He was also very concerned about where his father was at all times, etc. He was definitely a nervous type.

One night after everyone had turned in and the campfire was extinguished, we were all suddenly awakened by this terrifying scream coming from this Scouts tent. Followed shortly by his fathers returning screams of “I’m coming.” The scout was screaming there was a gorilla in the campsite. Yes, that’s right, a gorilla.

Turns out he was right. But it was not a real gorilla… but another scout from an nearby site dressed in a full gorilla outfit on his way to scare some friends of his. He made the mistake though of passing to close to this scouts tent just as he got up to go the bathroom. I think the kid in the suit was as terrifyied as our scout.

To top it off, the father, in his hurry to reach his kid, knocked his bunkmate out of his bunk and almost tripped on a skunk (which would visit our site every night unfortunately… but never sprayed… thank the Lord.).

This was one of those defining moments in Scouting that you never forget though. This same scared scout is now our ASPL and is no longer afraid of Daddy Longlegs or Gorillas. emoticon_grin.png

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