Paddling on the Delaware River

Written by Dick. Added on September 16, 2007.

Our Troop paddles the Delaware river every other year, and we just finished this summer’s trip. The trip was fun — as usual, but it was also quite challenging early on. Monday and Tuesday it rained and was cool. We stopped at Dingman’s Ferry on Tuesday at noon, which has public rest rooms. Everyone was soaked and the rain was torrential. The worry was that the Scouts would develop hypothermia. We loaded them back in the canoes and got them paddling again to warm up. That got us to the next camp where we all changed into dry clothes and felt better again. Wednesday was somewhat rainy and misty. Needless to say it was overcast. Thursday we saw some sun and some even got sunburned a bit. Friday was overcast again. As you might well imagine, kids who had been on the river before and remember “water wars” had a built-in need to raise the game exponentially, so there were swamped canoes, capsized canoes, and every canoe had at least some water in it.

Again, lots of fun with contentious weather dogging our trail the whole way.

Peter and I rode with Don and Tyler. We had a very interesting side trip on the way back: since Orange County Choppers (of American Chopper fame) was nearby we decided to stop by. We found the store closed, but with a quick glance out back found Pauly! He sat and talked with us for a while about the show, bikes, and paddling on the Delaware (something he’s done several times)!

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