Written by Brandon. Added on January 17, 2007.

On my first camping trip in Boy Scouts I was with a kid I didn’t really know well. We go to set up our tents and we are doing a good job, but once we get every thing set up we go to put the fly on and there are no more poles so we have to take down that tent and get a new one. We get another tent and by then all the other Scouts are starting fires and doing other things. We set this one up fast and there are all the poles but a leader comes over to see if we did it right. She sees mold in the tent so we have to take another tent and put it together! By that time it was dark and people were starting to eat. We finally get done and it’s 8:00—we started at 6:30!

That was 3 years ago and this story is to tell younger Scouts to remember to take the tents home and actually dry them out and to tell the Quartermaster if its missing a pole. If you don’t then you could be the person next time that has to set up 3 tents.

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